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The HIV pandemic has resulted in a large number of HIV-infected children worldwide. These children often suffer from the stigma of having the disease, may be rejected from local communities, schools and family networks, and grow up in poverty, with few or no relatives able to support them.

Progress in the treatment of HIV infection with combination antiretroviral therapy has resulted in a significant decrease in the morbidity and mortality among these infected children. With the right treatment, support and care, they can be given the chance to live a better, longer and happier life, continue education and integrate into local society.

Living & Loving was set up in 2006, with the intention of providing support for around 500 HIV-infected children in Thailand. The children will either be orphaned or cared for by surviving relatives at home. The charity currently helps children from three centres:

Baan Gerda orphanage (The Children Rights Foundation), LopBuri

The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre, Bangkok

Khon Kaen University Hospital, North-east Thailand

There are at least 20,000 HIV-positive children in Thailand, with at least half being orphaned. Funds are distributed through the doctors in charge of the children and co-ordinators on-site. These are spent on supporting the children in ways not covered by local health and social infrastructure, such as:

· Costs of HIV treatment not covered by local health services

· Monthly allowance for the poorest families, to fund food, clothes and schooling for the children under their care

· Provision of new buildings in orphanages in order to provide increased accommodation capacity

· Costs of providing carers in orphanages

· Costs of providing psycho-social support (funding for special classes, self-help groups)

If the charity is successful in raising £50000 for 2006 and 2007, the project may be expanded in 2008 to include new centres in Thailand and other South-East Asian countries, and provide help for a total of 1000 children.

In addition, the charity will consider providing small lump sums to help the children’s families to buy supplies, tools or machinery to start home-based businesses. This will be designed to promote financial independence by decreasing the families’ dependence on the charity monthly allowances.

Dr. Sabine Kinloch, AIDS specialist, co-founder and ‘scientific support’ trustee, is our point of contact within the charity. Through her, we have been able to gain a real insight into how the money we raise will be spent and the positive effects it will have on those who we are helping. Dr Kinloch, along with the other trustees, ensures that the progress of the children is carefully monitored, as well as regularly visiting the funded centres.

Unlike many charities, 100% of any donations will go directly to the charity. There are no middle-men, administrative costs or expense accounts …Any donation will help to make a huge difference for the lives of orphans born with HIV.

Charity No. 1118029


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